Why was Get You Heard created?

Young people need our help. They spend so much time online that they never get the chance to hone their face-to-face skills in the way that older generations did. Increasingly, many feel isolated, lonely and unable to find their voice or be heard when they do speak – so they don’t. This disconnection damages their health, employability and belief in what they can achieve.

Get You Heard trains young adults to communicate powerfully with anybody and contribute meaningfully to the creation of their own lives and communities. Conversational competence might be the single-most overlooked skill we fail to teach in schools. We want to fill that gap and provide the training and coaching young people need to thrive.

Why is face-to-face communication so important?

Young people have grown up in an online world where they always have time to think. They can keep editing their messages until they are “perfect”. The immediacy of face-to-face conversation can feel so confronting that some get stuck in a kind of real-life stage fright. Psychologists, from Maslow onwards, tell us that people need to connect in real life to avoid feeling socially isolated. A recent report found that loneliness is as harmful to health as obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Young people need to learn how to connect face-to-face.


How are you funded?

All volunteers are giving their time and resources for free. The venue costs for the training event on 11th August have been generously covered by Thwaites Communications. Get You Heard is also supported by the Campaign Collective.


Will there be employers at the event?

A team of professionals, from different industry sectors, will be available at the event to support real world application of the learning from the training. This will include a face-to-face and one-to-one conversation lasting up to half an hour. It is an opportunity to find out about the career path of the professional and about the job they currently do, but they will not be actively recruiting on the day.


I can’t make the event in London, will there be others I can attend?

There are currently no confirmed dates for future events. Please register here to sign up to our mailing list and be the first to hear about future training opportunities.


I can only attend the morning part of the event, is that a problem?

The afternoon session will provide an important opportunity to put the training into practise. Please contact us on hello@getyouheard.org if you can only make the first half of the event.


Will you be running any sessions for adults over 24?

Our focus is helping young people develop the skills and confidence they need to communicate effectively, so we don’t currently have plans to run sessions for adults.


Are you DBS checked?

The lead trainers and coach – Charlotte, Sam and Ngozi – are all DBS checked.


Where can I go for more information?

Webpage – Event Page